April 17, 2024


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Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Individual Freelancers: The Reality

It is no more a secret that digital marketing can add feathers to your wings. What is significant is the success of the venture with the right marketing campaigns with credibility to bring growth. Some agencies are equipped with some of the most acceptable professions with the right attitude and the best of abilities. Besides, some freelancers are passionate about their crafts in boosting your brand exceptionally. 

What becomes a significant contradiction is selecting a digital marketing agency or going for individual freelancers. However, there is a list of things you’ll come across over the internet, but the reality is different when it comes to groundwork. As you stick with us, our digital marketing agency Columbus Ohio will focus on the quality of service offered by both a freelancer and a marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Agency Columbus on Freelancers Vs. Marketing Agencies

Before we establish the pros and cons, it is essential to understand the difference between hiring a freelancer and selecting an agency. If you have recently started your marketing journey, it can be quite challenging to understand the best for your business, and even a small error may land you down the wrong path. 

The key difference here is that if you hire an individual freelancer, you are hiring independent people who work on a self-employed basis. Similarly, if you work with an agency, you have a project manager with a team of individuals, all at your disposal. 

Pros of A Freelancer

A freelancer is the best choice if you’re planning to get a specific job done. In fact, most freelancers specialize in a particular area, such as website design, social media, content marketing, etc. Individual freelancers can plug skill gaps in your business. 

Freelancers lead to be adjustable and can be utilized per project or for a limited time. This can help save your investment which you can utilize in other developmental areas.


Freelancers also come with many disadvantages. Flexibility is a great thing, but most of them will have limited availability. In fact, at Columbus digital marketing agency, we have experienced freelancers juggling multiple clients and projects. This leads to mismanagement of clients and projects. In the end, it increases a potential cost than what you initially thought.

Pros of An Agency

Agencies normally range from a handful of people to a full-service marketing department, outsourced, handling several businesses. Therefore, you get a host of advantages from the one you can benefit a great deal. 

Instead of a single individual with a single specialty, you have skilled experts such as project manager, graphic designer, website developer, social media strategist, and the most important content writer, etc. 

This means you can outsource an entire marketing function with a team that comprises significant elements for project management. If required, you’ll be able to call upon their expertise in their field. 

Agencies are consistent. They sit down with their team and ensure all the targets are met. At Columbus digital marketing agency, we report everything that is being done on your project. This helps a customer track down their return on investment. 


It may take a while to accomplish your vision exactly the way you want if the agency lacks skilled experts. Most agencies outsource their work to freelancers, which can be really cheap. Sometimes agencies may not look like their portfolio. 

Only feedback and reviews can confirm the quality of work. You won’t be the only client the agency is servicing and may delay projects when in hours of need. 

Agencies can be more expensive in terms of service as they include all the experts in one place. 

Columbus Digital Marketing Company’s Insight on Values

Cheap, fast, and good are the three essential things that value any business. However, you can only choose two of the above. Similar is it when hiring freelancer or agency. With a freelancer, you may save money as compared to hiring an agency. However, if it’s fast and cheap, you might have to compromise with the quality. 

Hiring an agency will be the best option but can be more expensive. The work will undoubtedly be excellent and fast, but it won’t be cheap. Therefore, if you plan to hire their service, make sure what exactly your immediate requirement is. 

Moving from Freelancer to Marketing Agency

If you’re already working on your marketing strategy and the freelancers are no more available, we at digital marketing Columbus Ohio recommend you expand by hiring a marketing agency. As a leading marketing agency, we’ve seen customers reaching us in the following situation

  • You’ve outgrown your freelancer and need a multi-skilled team
  • You plan to work on more time-intensive marketing projects
  • Hiring a freelancer didn’t get you the correct result
  • You want to outsource a full marketing team

What Should Be Your Next Step?

As you have clearly understood the reality between freelancers and marketing agencies, it’s the right time to evaluate the right team. Think carefully. Do you need to gap the skills or require a full team to enhance your business exponentially? 

We’d want to know what you need. In case you’re still in delusion, you should seek our help. We’re 24×7 available and can offer you the right solution for the betterment of your business. Good luck!