June 18, 2024


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Internet Radio – How to Set Radio On Site

Including the radio on your favorite music on your site can be great way to share your favorite music. The process of setting up a radio on your site is quite simple; you can either use some other existing stream or do it yourself. The option of using the others’ stream is often easier, but can cost little as many stations require the fee to be paid for using their content. The DIY option is great too; you can add he personalized music or audio to cater to your fans worldwide also. Here are some ideas on starting your own radio station online.

There are many websites that can enable you to start broadcasting. These websites are already being used by many to set up the free television stations also. The simple search can lead you to these sites that offer you the chance to broad cast. There might be some software required for the functioning of your radio station in many cases. Here are some of the leading software for this.

Shoutcast is free internet radio software. This can e used for setting up your own radio quite easily. The functions are easier to understand, all you have to do is simply download the software, which is free.

Helix Server Basic is also free streaming software. You can use this to establish the live radio or video station quite easily too. This software connects you to the dedicated server that enables the streaming of media. You can easily test your own radio with this in minutes and reach thousands of fans overnight.

The Quicktime streams are also quite good. This is quite similar to the Helix server, and you are also given the chance to start using the streaming media easily. The catch here is that you might need to subscribe to the server for delivering the radio. This is quite popular among the up and coming musicians and bands these days. Being one of leading music sites apple does gives the better and is updated regularly.

The other sites that can help you in setting up the radio are Qucktime broadcast, Peercast, Icecast, Andromeda, Live 365, Personal Stations, PRO stations, and ubroadcast.com.