July 15, 2024


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Pro’s and Con’s of Becoming a Technical Writer

Pro’s and Con’s of Becoming a Technical Writer

A technical writer is one who writes or rewrites technical pieces into a simpler form which can be easily understood by an average person. To become a technical writer, you would need to have the passion for writing and the liking for different industries, technical terms, and technology and so on. Like every other career, there are always two sides to becoming a technical writer, the pros and the cons.

The upside of this career is that it is currently at high demand; hence jobs are readily available in many different sectors. Also, this jobs yields a good pay and it increases with experience. On an average, a good and well experienced technical writer would be able to make a ballpark figure of about $90,000 a year.

In addition to that, another contributing factor to the pro list of this career is that it comes with many opportunities to discover the various gadgets, machinery, terms and technology advancements of our current times. This job would give you a great amount of exposure which would not only widen your general knowledge but allow you to be one of the first few to know about new products and services. Furthermore, by taking up this job, you would have the chance to pick the method of your job. Be it the 9-5 job at the desk or if you find that too mundane you could always opt for a job as a freelancer.

The downside of this job is that you would have to constantly make room for rejection. The writing world is one that is tough and competitive and you could easily be turned down if another person has got more experience or a better education. Besides that, your work would be one that leads you to live a mundane and lonely work lifestyle. This is so because you would be required to spend many hours alone writing and editing your article.

All jobs have got their ups and downs and it is up to you to weigh them out and make your decision based on that. So consider these points and take your career to the path your heart calls for.