June 25, 2024


Changed Your Life

Satellite Internet Can Change the Way You Surf the Web

Satellite Internet change the way a parson surfs the web, it is a broadband Internet connection and that means it has the speed to do many of the things that were not possible in the days of dial up Internet service. That is because dial up Internet does not have the connection speed that is possible with high-speed Internet, when surfing the web if a connection is not fast enough there are things that are not possible to do or see.

Having a slow connection means that there was no sense in visiting video sites, the connection was not fast enough to play the videos correctly and these sites are not just music and other things. They have become important sites, such as during the recent election there were town hall meetings over the Internet making it a new way of campaigning and of watching candidates to make an informed decision. This was so unique it was possible to ask questions; the only problem was is people using a slow connection were not able to fully take part in this event.

This is only one of the problems with a slower connection speed when using the Internet, there is also the websites that are filled with pictures, it does not matter what type of pictures. Even genealogy websites have many pictures and is one of the most popular things to do on the Internet for many people who are curious about their family tree. These websites often take so long to load due to the pictures that people with slower connection speeds do not frequent them enough to find the information they are looking for. When a computer is set up with a high-speed connection this is not a problem, the pictures load quickly and surfing through the site does not take minutes for each page to load.

Over the years since home computers have become popular the Internet has changed, there are many sites today that have interactive games that might not have been played when home computers first became popular. This is because when home computers became popular almost all home users were connecting to the Internet with a dial up connection. The slower speed kept many things on the Internet from being able to be used, such as the many game sites, puzzle sites and other interactive websites. These websites may have been on the Internet, but they did not have the games that are present on them today, because it would have done no good for the games to be more advanced than the visitor’s connection speed.

These are some of the reasons that a broadband satellite Internet connection can change the way some computer users are used to surfing the web. The faster connection speed means every site can be fun and interesting, instead of waiting minutes for it to load or not having the connection speed for it to load properly. Pictures and video take seconds instead of minutes, games can be played with the speed they were intended to be played and checking email is not longer a ten minute chore. The high-speed connection can make downloading emails take seconds even when they have picture attachments.