July 15, 2024


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Web 2.0 – The Way Forward For Definitive Website Design

Web 2.0 – The Way Forward For Definitive Website Design

Web 2.0 is significant, since many changes have occurred since the first web pages were developed and displayed on the Internet. The World Wide Web is continuously evolving with respect to how users interact and share information online. This latest development is more of a concept rather than defining just a technological development, and centers around actively displaying information on the Internet rather than just passively using the information presented on a particular internet site.

Web 2.0 has been making waves around the world, now that websites that incorporate these standards include features like interactive sharing of information in the form of text and video, social networking tools, blogs and wikis, forums and comments, and other tools to encourage active participation of users on the internet.

Web 2.0 Design is the buzzword amongst designers and internet users alike. With its ushering, designers have been using the latest innovations and techniques to generate more traffic to their sites. In fact, this latest trend makes more sense for designers, because the interactive nature of these compliant systems allows the smooth transition of the participating audience to become active and dynamic users. This design has surpassed conventional site designing methods and the techniques used to market and popularize them.

If PPC marketing and Search Engine Optimization were the buzz words of the earlier ‘Web 1.0’ world, then Social Media Marketing (SMM), RSS feeds, podcasting, Short Messaging Services (SMS), and others are the terminologies of the new era. The bottom line is in making sites more user-friendly rather than being technology centric. The end-result is a site that delivers a more pleasing and rewarding Internet experience.

The design strategies now being extensively utilized to develop net utilities are Rich Internet Applications, Social Networking Sites, Wikis, Community Portals, and others. Web 2.0 design is now the driving force of businesses and organizations that want to lead the internet revolution and harness the true power behind the internet to succeed in their businesses.

Today’s designers are adept at developing precise and targeted solutions to clients and business for a variety of development requirements such as portal development, custom applications, ecommerce applications, and many more. With Web 2.0 design being the buzz world currently, no business is falling short of launching such sites to tap into the vast and enormous potential that the Internet has for business. Thus, business on the Internet now has a human face with the interrelating of technology and human communication needs. To conclude, users in the new era of the internet have been provided with a very powerful and meaningful tool that goes a long way in meeting human interaction needs.