September 24, 2021


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Absolute Feature about Azure Cache for Redis And Its Pricing

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Microsoft and Redislabs partnered closely and created the first native integration between Redis labs technology and a central cloud platform. The three tires of Azure Redis cache cost implement exceptional and highly scalable aptitudes for all standards of customers. The latest offering is even better with powerful capabilities.

Benefits of Redis

In-Memory Storage

All Redis data remains in the server’s central representation. If compared with a traditional disk-based database, most operations require a roundtrip to disk. However, Redis comes with in-memory data stores and doesn’t face the same penalty. The Azure Redis can support any order of magnitude, more operations, and faster response times. 

What a customer can expect is blazing fast performance. The standards read and write procedures take less than a millisecond and support millions of operations per second.

Versatile Data Structure

Redis comes with a wide variety of data structures to meet your demands. The data type comes with

  • Strings- binary data up to 512 MB in size
  • Lists- a collection of strings as added
  • Sets- an uncontrolled set of strings with the ability to intersect, diff, and union other set types

Simple Usage

Azure Redis simplifies your code and allows you to write fewer lines of code to store, access, and use data in the application. For instance, if the data is in the hashmap, but you want it in the data store, you can simply use hash data to store the data. 

A similar task on a datastore with no hash data structure would require lines of code to convert from one format to another. There are more than hundreds of open-source clients available for developers. Supported language includes python, PHP, C, C++, and many more.

Redis Use Case 


Redis is the best choice if you plan to decrease data access latency, enhance throughput, and ease the relational or NoSQL database and application load. Azure Cache for Redis enables users to easily scale for higher loads without a costlier backend. 


The fast in-memory store can now power live streaming use cases. It can store metadata about users’ profiles, view histories, and manifest files to let CDNs stream videos to millions of mobile and desktop users at the same time.

Machine Learning

State-of-the-art data-driven applications expect machine learning to quickly prepare an extensive volume, variety, and velocity of data. For instances like fraud detection in financial services or real-time bidding in ad-tech, decisions within microseconds are essential.

Azure Redis Cache Pricing

Azure Redis pricing allows customers to use a secure open Azure Redis cache. You get to leverage a rich feature set, and ecosystem provided by Redis shared hosting under the monitor of Microsoft. 

Azure Redis Cache Cost Pricing Tiers

Azure Cache pricing comes with three layers depending upon different features, budgets, and performance.


A basic cache is a single node cache that is ideal for the development of non-critical workloads. The basic tier comes with an option to choose from C0 to C6. The C0 is the lowest option with a shared infrastructure. Likewise, everything above C0 is a dedicated service. 


The standard tier comes with an SLA and a replicated cache. Here the data gets replicated between two nodes- ideal for production-level applications.


The premium tier has all the standard features. It provides better performance, bigger workloads, disaster recovery, and enhanced security. You can avail of Redis persistence along with the Redis cluster.


Here we have mentioned the absolute use of azure Redis cache and its range of prices. You have the choice to choose the best for managing your business portfolio. There will be technical issues as you work on the system like any other Redis; however, you don’t have to believe twice when it comes to system support groups.

Redis is a marvelous technology that comes with an extensive set of features and impressive capabilities. As the workload increases, we recommend using the Azure Cache for Redis for real-world purposes. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.