June 18, 2024


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Analysis of Website Design in 2010-2011

Approaching the mid-year period, everyone’s trying to put forward their own views about the recent web design and development trends. Here, we’re going to analyze the recent adoptions of web designers and developers in the world of website designing.

Static Design Days Are Over!

Website coding is undergoing a creative change with more functionality and interactivity. Conventionally used HTML/CSS is being replaced with JavaScript, AJAX and JQUERY. People love Flash but fear to use it because it curbs usability. To overcome this problem, creative coding scripts are used to replace Flash, yet still give the same effects. Check out this website for a demo: spritely.net

Rising Fame of Grids, Mobile and Retro Designs

Grid designs are mostly used in designing portfolio or product promotion pages, and they are seldom used for corporate and business sites. These all one=page designs add interactivity to the site and simplifies only the prominent things for the visitors, thus limiting their searching confusions.

Print’s On Web!

Print designs, including layout and print typography, are shifting onto web with a great speed. Web designers of today seem increasingly interested in print designs which include considerable white space, large fonts, huge headlines, multi-column content, organization of elements, and so on.

Better Performance In “All” Browsers

With the growth of several web browsers, you never know which browser is being used by your users. This implies web designers to create a design that equally conforms to all the browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Development of Interactive Platforms

With the development and popularity of certain social networks like Facebook and Twitter, web designers are focusing on making websites that are highly interactive, informative and provide users the opportunity of participation as well.

Easy Navigation Is The Need Of Time!

In order to improve usability and user-friendliness, more interactive and communicative designs are being created. More focus is being paid to sites that can be easily navigated and browsed by the users.

Slab Typefaces for More Prominence

Slab typefaces are employed to highlight certain elements on a website, like the Logo. Similar to large headers, slab typefaces are exceedingly being used in the current year.

Solid and Powerful Typography

Online users don’t like reading small crammed text and simply scan the page to know what’s being said. In order to facilitate this user behavior, large and solid typography is being used in heading, subheading and between paragraph quotations.

Overview of Current Web Design Trends

Here are some of the recent website designing trends you must explore to make your design current:

  • Embossing
  • PNG transparency
  • rich user Interfaces
  • Font replacement
  • Huge Images
  • Modal boxes (A much better type of pop-up that is also user-friendly)
  • Media blocks
  • The magazine look
  • Carousels (slideshow navigations that rotate text horizontally and vertically)
  • Introduction blocks (to display important message upfront)

Custom Appearance

Custom built designs are being used to attract more prospects, add business value and ensure competitiveness. Online world is about ‘who’s the best’ which can’t be achieved through using common web design templates.

Tweak your old website with these latest web design trends and features, and see how it takes your business a step higher. Good luck!