July 15, 2024


Changed Your Life


As we all know, Apple recently released its first 5G iPhone, namely Buy iPhone 12 pro max. In this latest smartphone, Apple has brought the 5G network for the first time. But it was not enough. 

Apple seems not satisfied with all of its innovation and development. After releasing a 5G network that has not been released in general in the world, Apple seemed to steal a start and said that it would soon develop 6G technology.

 Dubbed the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), Apple joins a group of other major technology and communications companies looking to help develop 6G technology for the future. While it may sound like these companies are too advanced, moving early is not a bad thing.

“Designed to lay the groundwork for a dynamic marketplace for North American innovation in next-generation mobile technology, the Next G Alliance is named after its main goal: To build North America’s advantage in the 5G and 6G development pathways. Its work will cover the full life cycle of research and development, manufacturing, standardization, and market readiness, “according to the announcement.