May 20, 2024


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Content Web Site Writer Low Cost Secrets To Explode Your Traffic

To understand how a low cost web site content writer can play a key role in exploding the traffic volumes at your web site, it is important that you start looking at search engines differently.

Just visualize search engines as great huge animals that are always hungry and whose primary and only food is content. These animals have an appetite not just for any content but for tasty, delicious content (valuable, useful content complete with keyword phrases, that attracts lots of adoring readership). The search engine animal is very good at remembering every single spot where they find the choicest morsels of food and not only do they return there time and again, but they reward the sites by putting them at the very top of their lists of priority places for other folks to visit.

So the best way any web site writer can explode your traffic is by generating lots of articles, preferably in lots of 100 or 50. Here are at least two huge advantages of generating articles in lots of 100.

(i) You can decide which of the 100 articles is the best in terms of selling your website ad giving out the most useful (and enticing) information to your prospects. You can then maximize traffic to that article by having all the other 99 articles (with different keyword phrases) linking to a single article. This will have the effect of maximizing traffic to that single article, but if that article has a good strong headline it will also increase the page views at your site by creating a situation where most visitors will view a minimum of two articles (two pages) at your site.

(ii) By posting the same articles to a high traffic articles directory and leaving the links intact, you will end up very high in search engine results (for your valuable article that will have all these links pointing at it.) This will of course depend on how competitive the keywords you settled on are. This could mean tens of thousands of hits for that single page from the search engines very month.