June 18, 2024


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MSOffice Build 15813.20002 adds several fixes this week

MSOffice Build 15813.20002 adds several fixes this week

Just like all other Fridays, Microsoft released a new build for the Office Insiders who are on the Windows Beta Channel. The latest build comes for Microsoft Office version 2211 and contains several fixes. The company didn’t add any new features in this build.


For a detailed list of changes and improvements in Microsoft Office version 2211 build 15813.20002, continue reading further.


MSOffice Build 15813.20002 adds several fixes this week


What’s new and improved in Microsoft Office version 2211 build 15813.20002


Fixed an issue where multiple cells could be selected when clicking a cell while freeze panes are enabled and another app is listening for Focus-Changed events.


Fixed an issue that caused the Find and Replace dialog box in the SQL view of a query to display black text on a black background, rendering it illegible.


Fixed an issue where Outlook could not display contacts in People View.



Fixed an issue where the Ruler did not show correct margins for a paragraph after the Mirror margins setting had been applied.

Fixed an issue that forced users to choose between saving a copy or discarding an unmergeable file, and we now enable them to either keep their own version of the file or keep the server version.

Fixed an issue where choosing the Keep source formatting option when pasting content would result in characters such as a question mark (?) or a blank square being displayed.

Fixed an issue that prevented files saved to the cloud from opening when using the Update linked information in a Word source document command.



Fixed an issue that did not allow users to set Trusted Locations for opening files that contain macros in the Options dialog box.

Office Suite

Fixed an issue where a status message would appear and remain on the screen for several minutes when trying to save Office files or Outlook attachments to a network-shared location.

Fixed an issue where Visual Studio Online add-ins were getting disabled.


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