April 20, 2024


Changed Your Life

Quality Website Design Principles

Have you ever browsed a website that looked thrown together in a few minutes? Chances are you see more of them every day. The more that these practices become the norm, the more crucial it is that your own website stands out. This is where good design concepts push you ahead of the pack.


Before you begin, you should have a clear idea of what to write on your website. Take some time to jot all your ideas down on paper, and tie them together in an understandable flow.


Believe it or not, you can have an organized website that is not clear. You should write easy to follow points, bulleted lists, and use adequate white space to keep your points clear.


After you have your information clear and organized, you should create your website design in such a way that it will draw attention to the content. A clean design can do wonders for bringing dull content to life if done right.

Your design should have easy to find navigation, clean areas to view text, and no distracting images. The focus is on the content, not the design.

Tie It Together:

Once you have the design of the website, it is time to add the content. One of the hardest things to accept is that your design and content are not compatible. It would be unfair for the reader to be forced to view a dark website design for a health food website.

So, save the template and make a new one. If the design works, then put it to use with the content and fine tune it. Testing is critical before it is released.


If you can take the time to organize your ideas, ensure they are presented in a clear manner, design a layout to work for the content, and tie it all together – you will have a clean website that stands out from the competition.