July 15, 2024


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The Role of a Webmaster in Your Internet Business

The Role of a Webmaster in Your Internet Business

A webmaster is one of the most important person in your Internet business. This person should be one who is reliable, and can work quickly. An agile mind with efficient coding ability is what you should be looking out for.

In many circumstances, your Internet business will need changes to be made on the site fairly quickly. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to assume that your webmaster can keep up with the demand of the job. For example, you may be doing a product launch, and you desperately need the site to be up by a certain date. So your webmaster needs to get things organized – setup the graphics, setup the emails, etc. All must be completed within the time frame. Otherwise, you will get a lot of complains from angry customers.

So let’s talk a little bit about the role of the webmaster in your Internet business. What exactly is he (or she) responsible for in your Internet business? There are no standard answers for a question like this. It all depends on your agreement with your webmaster. And your agreement depends on the needs of your Internet business. So to re-frame the question, it would be better to ask what does your Internet business need?

Graphics work.

Obviously, all websites need to be updated with the latest graphics. Graphics can be logos, photos, posters, and so on. These need to be posted on the website on a regular basis. If your webmaster is too busy with other stuff, such tasks can be outsourced. Of course, your webmaster will still need to supervise the work and stay on top of things.

Development work.

Webmasters should also be competent when it comes to coding. There are many different types of web programming languages on the Internet – PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, CFM, etc. The most popular is PHP. Make sure that the webmaster you hire is familiar with the language that you are currently using on your website.

Development work means working on bugs on the website and coming up with new features. As you can see, there is never ending work for new features. So it’s easy to overload your webmaster with too much work. The key here is to stay organized. Make a weekly plan to roll out the features, and work on them one at a time. That way, it’s easier to have quality control, and the work gets done.

Maintaining the website.

This is another key area that your webmaster should be in charge of. Maintaining a website means keeping everything ship shape. If there is a broken link, fix it. If there are spam emails coming from the site, work on it. If there are trouble makers posting nonsense on the forum, ban them.

Professional webmasters provide quality services that cover all the above areas. You can easily hire a webmaster from an online webmaster forum. Such community sites are where webmasters hang out, and you can easily pick up a few good webmasters from there.