July 13, 2024


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Tips for Creating Good Website Designs

Tips for Creating Good Website Designs

A lot can be said about Internet advertising and online commerce but there is no doubt that they are quite profitable business activities. Advertising on television or in print is less effective than promoting a company on the Internet. But to make a good online commercial targeted to millions of potential clients you need very good website designs. There is nothing more important than good website design when marketing a product online is concerned. You no longer need flashing three sentence ads in giant text on a white screen. Simply said, good website designs are high tech and eye pleasing. They actually resemble a television commercial.

Of course, only the good ones do. There are many websites which are not high tech and could not certainly be taken for good website designs. Personal pages could be loud and very colourful but it comes as a big surprise that many companies still rely on old school early 90’s type of web design. There are two possible reasons why they don’t have good websites designs. The first one is that they don’t fully realize the importance of the good design in marketing and advertising on the Internet. The second reason might be for they don’t consider Cyberspace as a major source of income. Though, it is certain that online business will keep on blooming in the years to come.

I suppose the major factor when designing a website is usability. A site with good usability means that not only is the site easy to use but it is also comprehensible for the potential customers. This is the bases for any good website designs.

Other important factors are good content and originality. A reader should have lots of information on display; they should be able to review discussions of a product and service. The content should be informative and interesting but professional, as well. Even though looks matter, good website designs are more about content that graphic production.

However the importance of graphics should not be underestimated. This includes colour, style of text, image and design graphics. You can give a more professional look to a website with a single line or a bullet well placed. Good website designs contain all these things. It is vital not to turn off customers by putting any pictures (whether of people or nature) if inappropriate to the setting. It is also important that graphics have good quality but low file size because if they don’t meet these requirements then the customers might grow impatient while waiting for the file to load.

Other things which should be taken into considerations are compatibility and navigation. Apart from Internet Explorer there are people using Netscape or Firefox as their usual web browser. Thus it is important that the site is compatible with different web browsers or computers. Of course, this will make the designing of the web site harder but it would be worth it.

It might sound easy to have a good website but remember that good website designs are hard work and a billion dollar industry.