June 25, 2024


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Tips in Making a Good Website Design

You have finally decided to make a website to market either yourself in terms of putting up your curriculum vitae or bio data for that prospective employer. You may have a fledgling business that needs that extra marketing push in the virtual world. For whatever the reason, you need to a make a good website design.

You may have an idea already on how to make that website you have always wanted. You have surfed a million times and looked in awe at great websites and perhaps even choked in disgust at some of the poorly done ones. All in all you have a general idea of what you want.

Of course the first consideration in making that design is to attract traffic and keep traffic, and hopefully to keep that traffic going up and up. Thus you need some key considerations in making the website so as to have this goal in mind and achievable. The following are some items you need to keep in mind in making your website.

Make it Easy to Use

The easier it is for the user to navigate around the more he or she will probably stay on your site. Make sure that all the buttons are in the proper place and are easy to read. Also your design should incorporate fast loading times as the modern web user have very short attention spans.

Make it Informative

Make your site informative on whatever products or items you need to peddle. Be it yourself or a product that you are selling, keep the attention of the reader by giving precise descriptions and not overly long essay type of questions that take forever to read.

Make it Interesting

Make your subject matter interesting and brief. Likewise you can accentuate certain ideas on your website by picking the right graphic or using a catchy headline to keep the reader attention. Another way to keep it interesting is to keep the information up to date and of use to whoever is reading it.