June 25, 2024


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Web Design And Development

Web design is a complex subject especially to the novice. There are many great programmes out there that will allow the user to develop basic HTML, adding flash and embedding, web development skills such as java, and multimedia applications to your site. With the rise in social media and social media marketing, it is becoming thus apparent to entrepreneurs and amateurs alike that the field of web development is growing at an alarming rate. Take Facebook for example. Facebook is a site of web development programmes, all rolled into one. It just took some Harvard graduate six years ahead of the rest of the internet community to figure it out. However, for the novice, learning the basics is more important than aspiring for millions! One of the most important steps to remember is finding your niche. Some people will enjoy the design and layout aspect of web design, and others will be more comfortable developing Rss feeds and Java applets for a basic site. Others may find that their niche is developing flash games and advertising that can be sold on your website space.

However these are the most important points to remember.

1 Register a domain name: A domain name is like an Internet number plate. It is personal to your site and what you intend to put on your site for example, ie if you are writing about a dog you would not call your site catsmonthly.com. Make your domain short and sharp.

2 Gain a good Google ranking. To do this you would use a site that was name friendly and keyword friendly. Keyword generally describes words that are used on search engines.

3 Get a domain provider. A domain provider is someone who provides hosting ( storage for your web page. This can be free or paid for. Depending on what you want your site for. )

4 Launch your site using an upload tool such as Filezilla. ( to upload your files onto your server, web space.) And finally, your web template is ready to go.

There are some great web template software out there, for would be authors to download and use. Evosoft do some brilliant software and Microsoft have Visual Studio as well and the new 2010 version is pretty good, To summarise, web design and development is an important tool and individual and unique pages have helped design and shape the growth of the internet in recent years.

There is also scope to sell your work and finished sites could just be a hobby or the start of a career.