May 22, 2024


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Why Should You Hire a Professional for Garage Door Cable Repair?

Garage door cables are made of heavy-duty twisted wire, several strands of which are galvanized. Generally, these cables operate without incident for years. However, a problem with the cable pulley can accelerate rust, corrosion and wear. A routine visual inspection can prevent a fraying cable from snapping.


It’s safer to hire a professional for garage door cable repair than to try to tackle the job yourself. Garage doors use heavy-duty twisted cables, which contain several strands of galvanized wire. While these cables are typically durable and can operate for years without incident, a problem with the pulley may speed up wear, rust, or corrosion. To avoid these problems, you should conduct routine visual inspections.

Why shouldn’t you try DIY?

In addition to a broken garage door cable causing significant damage to your car or property could also pose a risk of bodily injury. If the garage door cable breaks, the garage door will slam on your car, injuring you and anyone else nearby. It would help if you never attempted to replace broken garage door cables yourself, as they are prone to breakage and may cause a dangerous fall. Garage Pros Calgary Experts are trained to safely replace faulty garage door cables or springs without endangering you or anyone else nearby.

When it comes to garage door cable repair in Calgary, hiring a professional is the way. These strands of high-tension wire can be easily broken, especially when the door is under a lot of tension. It would be best to clean the door’s tracks first and check for any debris. It would help if you also cleaned the entire garage door, including the tracks and more significant components.

Although you can try some DIY methods, a professional will most likely have the tools and know-how to do the job quickly. In addition, professional repairs will come with a warranty. While you can save money by performing a garage door cable repair yourself, it is always best to hire a professional.

Less expensive

Depending on your garage door cable location and type, you can hire a professional to repair your garage door cable for around $150, depending on your garage door cable location and type. If you are doing it yourself, you should be aware of possible risks and potential injuries. A broken cable can cause your garage door to move off track and cause the counterbalance to be out of balance. It can even cause the spring to pop out of place. In addition, a broken cable can cause your garage door to fall off the track and injure you.

General liability insurance

If your garage door cables are broken, your best bet is to hire a professional cable repair service. They will know to diagnose the problem, determine the necessary repairs, and give you an estimate.

A reputable company will carry a general liability insurance policy. It protects homeowners from liability for damage caused by the company’s negligence. Some states also require contractors to have an additional bond to cover their work. Ensure to check the insurance policies of any company you’re considering hiring for garage door cable repair. You can find out more about a company’s insurance and bonded status by asking for references from neighbours and friends.

Licensed Professional

Before hiring a professional to repair garage door cables, you should know about the licensing requirements. It is essential because garage doors are hefty, and fixing them can be dangerous. A licensed professional will be able to inspect the cables and make the proper repair. If you do not have the experience, you should look for a company that hires only certified technicians. A certified technician is more likely to know about garage doors and can answer any questions you have.