June 25, 2024


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5 Reasons Why You Need An SSD Cloud Server

It is a well-known fact that a Cloud Web Host offers one of the best value for money web hosting deals. It is a fast, resilient and highly scalable website hosting platform. So, what is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting is a website hosting solution that uses multiple servers to host the website data. Its unique setup gives it some extra abilities and makes it a reliable and robust hosting solution.

Due to these abilities, even the smallest Cloud Hosting provider can offer a high-performance hosting environment. But there’s an even better version of Cloud Hosting that’s powered by SSD (Solid-State Drive) storage. It is faster and more efficient than regular Cloud Hosting. If you’re looking for a Cloud Hosting service for your website, you should choose SSD Cloud Hosting.

Here are five reasons why you need an SSD Cloud Hosting Server.

1. It is fast

An SSD is a much faster storage medium than an HDD (Hard Disk Drive). It has no moving parts, and that helps it perform the read and write operations at much higher speeds. While an HDD can perform 80-180 IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), an SSD can go as high as 75,000 IPOS. Higher read/write speed minimises page load times and maximises your SEO efforts.

2. It is efficient

A regular HDD has rotating magnetic discs and an actuating arm that reads data. Because of these moving parts, an HDD needs more energy to perform its duty and also generates more heat. This results in increased electricity consumption and extra cooling efforts to keep things running smoothly. An SSD however, needs a fraction of that power and also runs at much cooler temperatures, making it a more efficient hosting solution.

3. It is reliable

Moving parts have a greater tendency to break down at some point in their lives. They also need more maintenance to keep them running. An HDD’s read and write mechanism may break down unexpectedly and bring your website crashing down. Because it has no moving parts, there are fewer chances of breakages, making SSD a more reliable storage device and a better resource for your hosting platform.

4. It delivers high performance

Performance is not all just about speed; reliability matters too. There are some inherent issues in using an HDD such as fragmentation. It slows down your hosting server despite having plenty of resources. It is not an ideal scenario for high-traffic websites such as eCommerce and banking portals. An SSD does not suffer from fragmentation problems and the belittling issues that are a part of it.

5. It safeguards your data

A website accumulates a lot of important data over time. It could be new content in the form of new blogs or new products, along with a lot of sensitive personal data in the case of eCommerce websites. This data is a valuable business asset, and its loss could be damaging for business. A fast, reliable and efficient storage system like an SSD ensures that your data is kept safe against all sorts of hardware and system failures.

When you choose a Cloud Web Host for your website, make sure to get an SSD Cloud Server for a fast and stable hosting performance.

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