December 7, 2023


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Web Internet Marketing and Improvement of Conversion Rates

Web internet marketing is challenging in itself and in the
process of learning the ropes many forget the purpose. While your
web internet marketing techniques are vital, they will lose their
effectiveness if your sales copy does not do its job. The role of
your sales copy is similar to the role of a salesperson. It
absolutely has to convert browsers to buyers. Without your sales
copy possessing that ability, your web internet marketing doesn’t
really matter. If you have such a problem, it will be reflected
by your conversion rates.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of your website visitors
that actually become customers. There are two vital factors that
impact your conversion rate. First, your web internet marketing
may be inaccurately targeted. In other words, you may not be
reaching the right target market. Second, your sales copy may be
inadequate failing to convert visitors to customers.

Factors other than your targeted web internet marketing and sales
copy that can negatively affect your conversion rate are slow
loading pages, broken links and visually unattractive or
unprofessional content. If your website is professional and
optimized for quick loading and your conversion rates are still
less than desirable, it is time to take a look at your sales copy
and your web internet marketing targeting. A crucial mistake that
many website marketers make is focusing solely on their web
internet marketing and neglecting their sales copy.

In order to ensure that these two components of your marketing
strategy are top notch, follow these steps:

1. Evaluate your product or service and identify a niche market

If the market you are trying to appeal to is too broad, your web
internet marketing efforts will likely be wasted. A narrowly
defined target market is much better because chances are, your
products or services don’t likely appeal to the masses. If your
target market is too broad, your web internet marketing may be
reaching people who just flat aren’t interested in what you have
to offer. In such circumstances, your conversion rate will suffer
because you will be directing the wrong traffic to your site.

2. Check out your competition

In order to position your company in a positive way and to stand
out from the crowd, knowing what your competition is doing is
crucial. Knowing your competition will help you to develop a
unique selling proposition that will give you a competitive
advantage for your web internet marketing and your sales copy.

3. Learn all you can about your target market

Know your target audience, their needs, wants and expectations.
This will help you to decide what your sales copy should say and
how it will go about building rapport with the target audience.
Learning about their interests will help you to target the right
audience through your web internet marketing.

4. Decide on a pricing strategy

Don’t adopt the line of thinking that the cheaper your price is
the better your product or service will sale. Honestly, pricing
your product or service too low can negatively impact a potential
customer’s perception of the product or service’s value. Of
course you don’t want your prices to be so high that people can’t
afford to buy; however, the price used for your web internet
marketing should be reflective of the true value of your products
and services to consumers.

5. Write your sales copy

Decide whether to use short copy or long copy. For web internet
marketing, unless you have a catalog site, long copy is usually
most effective. After all, it is serving as your salesperson, so
it needs to be rather persuasive. A strong headline and
subheading should be used to captivate your audience’s attention
and to clue them in regard to what your product or service is

The other essential components of the sales copy used for your
web internet marketing include something that builds credibility,
clear conveyance of the benefits as well as the features, removal
of risk through the offering of a guaranty, bonuses that add
value, countering of expected objections, creation of a sense of
urgency, and a sales proposition that asks for the order.

6. Make it easy for your customers to order

Always be sure that the ordering process is clear and easy to
manage. If your web logs indicate that you are losing customers’
interest at the point of sale, then you may need to consider
expanding your payment options.

7. Market your website

Once these steps have been completed, you are ready to begin your
web internet marketing campaign. Take care in developing your
strategy to ensure that your website is presented to your true
target market through your web internet marketing efforts.