May 22, 2024


Changed Your Life

Web Site Traffic Generator – Discover How You Can Generate Your Own Leads

Are you a network marketer still trying to build your network marketing business by following the traditional “make a list”, call all your family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances methods.

Are you new to the world of internet marketing, and just have not quite figured out how to “make a list” online that will actually buy your product, service, or opportunity?

Do not misunderstand, I agree that you should let your “people list ” know you are in business, but does McDonalds rely only on their friends, and family buying hamburgers from them? I think not, they market themselves boldly and globally.

Would you buy a business that does not allow you to market yourself, well most network marketing companies control just exactly that…what, and how you can advertise, so how can you follow the rules of your company and start creating profits online from your business, whether its network marketing or internet marketing?

Why have most network marketers and internet marketers not been able to capitalize on the global potential of the “world wide web”?

Notice that the word “net” is contained in both network, and internet, so why do net workers not market themselves on the net, online, on the web, whatever phrase you like best?

Well from personal experience, most net-workers are simply not taught how to by their respective companies, nor is there a real mentor available to them, one that is willing to share how they really market themselves online, other than to buy more lists, pounding the phones, and directing the lead to a company replicated site , or sizzle call that everybody else in the company uses.

Do you believe that you can create profits online? If you do not learn to generate profits from online sales fast, you will spend your way out of business faster than you can “swipe your credit card”, that is the single greatest reason why such a high percentage of network, and on line business fail.

What you want is more profitable sales, not just more leads!